Pathways to Philosophy

Founded in 1995, Pathways to Philosophy was launched on the world wide web in 1997.

For over two decades, students have successfully used our distance learning programs as an access route to undergraduate and graduate philosophy programs — as well as for self-development and intellectual pleasure.

Our exciting range of philosophy study support materials includes:

The six original book-length Pathways to Philosophy authored by Dr Geoffrey Klempner,

The innovative Philosophical Connections by Dr Anthony Harrison-Barbet, a history of philosophy covering 124 philosophers from the time of the Ancient Greeks to the present day,

Q & A archives of the popular Ask a Philosopher service going back to 1999, totalling to over 2,500,000 words.

1000 essay reviews in Electronic Philosopher and Letters to my students written by Dr Klempner for students taking the Six Pathways, the ISFP Awards and University of London BA degree.

Also on this site Essay archive, How-to-do-it study guide, Featured books, Download page, and the electronic journal Philosophy Pathways.

Pathways to Philosophy is an online distance learning resource for philosophical study run in association with the International Society for Philosophers. The Pathways and ISFP web sites currently receive around 1500–2000 unique visitors daily.

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