Where to go now

The structure of the Pathways presence on the web is more organic than hierarchical, which reflects the fact that the web sites have grown and developed over a number of years. In total, there are over 4000 pages.

The latest addition to the Pathways family is the Philosophy Pathways Blog which will be featuring posts by Pathways students and guest contributors.

If you have joined Pathways you can download the six original Pathways to Philosophy. Non-members can obtain free electronic texts from the Pathways downloads page and read a selection of essays by Pathways students at philosophyessays.org.

There is more material to explore on the International Society for Philosophers web site including the Gallery of Russian thinkers and ISFP Publishing.

If you are a returning visitor and are wondering what happened to the old Pathways home page, you can find it here. Some of the links have been changed as they pointed to pages that no longer exist. Or you can choose your entry page from previous versions dating back to 1999. Two more jumping off points are Pathways sites and the Pathways Portal.

If you want to know more about me, have a look at my Brief CV. There's an interview, Geoffrey Klempner on taking philosophy beyond academia by Jules Evans of the Centre for the History of the Emotions Queen Mary College, University of London conducted as part of his project Philosophical Communities (PDF) for the Arts and Humanities Research Council. You can also read the short bios of past and present Pathways mentors.

One of our most popular pages is Your favourite philosophy web sites (a.k.a. the 'Pathways Top 10') where you can 'nominate your favourite philosophy web site or the philosophy site you enjoyed visiting most this week'. Sites listed are regularly checked for quality and bad links removed.

Last but not least, a selection of fun links: Solve a riddle and win a prize, jump down the rabbit hole with Alice, view the ISFP Poster designed by Gideon Smith-Jones and the Pathways Cupid T-shirt design from Katharine Hunt, learn about the 10 Big Questions, view images and quotes on Follydiddledah! or explore more unusual philosophy links on Philosophy of A–Z.


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